Paws and Claws Pet ID Tags

Pet id Tags for Dogs and Cats Engraved.

Our pet id tags are produced using some of the latest engraving technology, allowing us to deep engrave your dog id tags contact details deeply into your Tag.

Pet ID Tags are a requirement to ensure your pet is safe and can easily be found. Losing your pet can be devastating, but also can put your Dog or Cat in danger or harms way. So it is important that if a stranger or the Police find your Pet, they can easily identify them with your Pets Name and Pets Address Details.

All our pet tags are diamond engraved using our special multi-line engraving font.

We stock a wide range of Tags for Dogs and Cats, in various styles. From basic styles in Brass or Nickel, Silverline, Diamante, Glitter Tags and dog id tags.

All of our Pet ID Tags are available with FREE UK Postage and we deliver our Dog and Cat Pet ID Tags throughout the UK.

How do we produce Dog Id Tags and Cat Pet ID Tags?

Our Engraving technology is some of the best for producing deep engraving into metals, and we use the latest software to ensure we always give you a perfect Pet ID Tag.

We use a Heavy Duty Engraving Machine that cuts deep into the metal of the Dog and Cat Pet ID Tags with a diamond or carbide cutter. This creates a Pet ID Tag that is crystal clear and easy to read, which is important if your Dog or Cat is lost, and found by a Stranger or The Police.

Also, we take great pride in giving you only the very best quality Dog and Cat Pet ID Tags, so it is important to us that we produce a perfect Pet ID Tag on high-quality materials, every time.

How long will your Dog Name Tags and Tags for Cats Pet ID Tag last?

The materials we use in the production of our Dog Name Tags are very high quality. We pick these materials for their long-lasting and durable qualities. So your Dog and Cat Pet ID Tags will stand up to harsh weather conditions and hard wear and tear.

We all know that our Dogs and Cats often get inquisitive about things that we really would not want them to get into. Sometimes this can lead to our Pets being a little boisterous. Because of this and often the randomness at which this can happen, a durable hard wearing Pet ID Tag is highly recommended.

What are the differences between Tags for Dogs and Tags for Cats?

Dog Tags and Cat Tags are made using more or less the same materials and using the same technology in the production of your Pet ID Tags. The main differences are the styles available.

Obviously, if you are buying Pet ID Tag, you will seek to buy a style that is suitable for either a dog with Dog ID Tag or a cat with Cat ID Tag.

We produce a variety of styles for both Dogs and Cats. And we produce styles that are available for both male and female dogs and cats.

So it's up to you, pick the style which you feel is the best for your Pet and a Dog ID Tag or Cat ID Tag.

Where do we produce our Pet ID Tags?

We operate from our premises in Norfolk, which is fully equipped for the production of each individual Pet Tag. And we produce Dog id Tags and Cat Tags on a daily basis.

Our staff are fully experienced in producing Pet ID Tags and able to deal with larger-scale production if necessary.

How can you Contact Us?

You can contact us by telephone or email. So if you are unsure which type of Pet ID Tag is best for your pet, don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email, detailing what you need advice on.

You can call us on 01493 722416 or email

Alternatively, if you are happy to proceed with a Dog Tag or Cat Tag purchase, have a look at the wide range available on our website.