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About our Engraved Tags for Dogs and Cats

If you’re looking for a pet ID tag for your cat or dog and you need them to be high quality, then you’re in the best hands for quality id tags. Our pet name tags are made from an extensive range of the highest quality materials and are available in a large array of shapes, sizes and styles. If your name tag breaks we guarantee to replace it free of charge. we do not however replace lost tags, so if you notice any wear and tear which could lead to the tag breaking, return it immediately for a no quibble replacement.
Fixing The Tag to the collar of your pet.
No need to worry about attaching your pet tag to the collar of your pet as each tag we sell is despatched with a strong durable split ring to keep them safe and sound.
All our ID tags are high-quality metal and engraved using our own methods to ensure that your details will never become illegible.
We do not use a laser because this is not permanent as it only burns the surface of the tag. We use a pressurized diamond that cuts into the tags so they will never fade. It is also recommended that you only have one tag on the collar of your pet as 2 tags may very well rub together and cause the text to wear away. If your pet is a water dog then we would recommend our aluminium tags of even our plastic pet id tags. Be aware that Bling tags with crystals are not recommended for swimming, and should only be worn for those special occasions and downtime. Keep in mind that solid brass also tarnishes,so just give it a buff with some Brasso to keep them looking great.
If your tag does fade or it actually breaks, simply email us with a photo and your order number and we will replace it! Free of charge.
Engraving can be done on all of our pet tags. 
It is recommended that you keep your text requirements a short as possible so it remains easy for the finder of your to contact you as soon as possible. 
We reserve the right to change the text layout on your tag to ensure it fits comfortably.
Note: It is our recommendation that you include a name, shortened address according to the size of the tag. The most important detail is the contact number that someone can be reached on 24 hrs a day.
The Kennel Club recommends that you do not include the dog's name on the tag.

Our Range of Pet Tags

Pet Tags
Our traditional pet id tags are made from quality brass and nickel-plated. (Not Nickel Plated Steel that will rust.) These tags have been in circulation for years and are the most popular selling pet tag for dogs and cats.


Pet Tags
Add a  touch of class with one of our luxury Bone-shaped tags that have been coated with 24ct Gold plate and .925 Silver plate. These stylish tags are absolutely fabulous and will win your vote at all levels.

Pet Tags
Choose a solid brass dog tag for your pet hand made by our company from high-quality engravers brass. We use engravers brass because of its resistance to corrosion and this is the same brass that we use for all our memorial signage and plaques.

Pet id Tags

Our Glitter Dog Tags are from the original manufactures of these tags and not the cheap inferior ones that are offered all over the web. Our tags have an epoxy resin coating applied to the face of these stunning glitter tags to protect the design and you will not be disappointed.

Pet id Tags

Plastic Pet Tags are very durable, lightweight and waterproof and will last a long time. Made from high impact 3 ply acrylic and available in a range of colours. You can have more than 2 tags on the collar of your pet and they will not wear away.

Flag Dog id Tags
Our stunning high-quality flag dog id tags for pets have a hard-wearing enamel design applied to the front of the flag tags and are made from nickel and gold platted hard alloy.

Aluminium Dog Tags

Stylish colourful aluminium pet tags for dog and cats to match any collar colour. our aluminium tags are hard wearing and resilient to the wear and tear that your pet can throw at them. We stock a large range of colours and shapes in aluminium. We also sell the Premium colour coated tags that have at least 7 microns of anodized colour.




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