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Less than 24hrs from ordering my my pet tags dropping thru my letter box. Not only outstanding customer service but also exceptional value....

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Really pleased with the tag and the very speedy next day service. If I need another I will definitely come back to you.

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I have been using Paws and Claws now for sometime and will continue to use them. The service they offer is brilliant, very fast delivery and good...


Very pleased with the dog tag. Received the day after placing the order. Will use again if the need arises. Thank you

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Ordered 3 stainless steel tags late Wednesday afternoon and all arrived first post next morning. First class materials tags and printing at...

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Pet Tags

The UK is a nation of pet lovers, and proud owners like to know that their cats and dogs have identification on them if they become lost. A pet tag is the simplest and most convenient way to tell people where a dog comes from should it be found by a stranger. Despite the very practical nature of a pet tag, there is no reason why owners can't have a little fun at the same time. Personalised tags can now be bought on a bespoke basis - allowing owners to give their pets a look all of their own.

What is a pet tag?

A pet tag is usually a small identification tag that is designed to be attached to a neck collar. It can be manufactured from a range of materials, including brass, aluminium, stainless steel and enamel. The primary purpose of such a tag is to identify a pet to strangers should it become lost. The pet can then be returned to its owner at the stated address. However, pet tags are now as much about style as they are about practicality. They allow owners to have a little fun with their pets - stylising their dogs and cats in a way that suits their personalities.

Pet tags and the law

UK legislation requires that dogs in public areas should be identified with a collar bearing a pet ID tag. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 dictates that a dog's name and full address has to be inscribed on its collar in order that it can be returned to its owner or reported for unsociable behaviour of some kind. Whilst it is now possible to insert a microchip into a household pet for identification purposes, this should not take the place of a pet tag. Reading a microchip requires specialist equipment that only a vet will have, and that could deter people from coming to the aid of lost pets.

Pet tag style options

Owners now have a massive selection of materials, illustrations and accessories to choose from. Those who like a little 'bling' can opt for a diamante tag, which feature an array of sparkling stones in a selection of beautiful colours. Diamante tags are manufactured with chrome-plated nickel that maintains a polished look throughout its lifetime. If an owner likes the idea of adding a little sparkle to their pet's appearance, a glitter pet tag could also deliver the desired look.

For a pet tag that will live as long as the pet it identifies, a premium coated option will withstand both the elements and the playful nature of a dog. Made with the very best aluminium, a premium coated tag comes in a wide range of colours and shapes. From paw prints to cat faces, they look great, and they last a lifetime. Such is the huge range of pet tags now available, owners can choose to show their patriotism with a flag design or have their pet stand out from the crowd with an exclusive designer pet tag.

A pet tag is a practical and legal necessity for a dog, but that doesn't mean owners can't have a little fun with them. A professional pet tag manufacturer can create something that is truly unique - allowing owners to accessorise their pet according to their own tastes.

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