Aluminium Pet Tags

Hard wearing Aluminium Pet Tags

Aluminium Pet Tags are made from hard wearing aluminium, which makes them an excellent choice if you are looking for a long lasting Pet Tag for your Dog or Cat. These Aluminium Pet Tags come in a variety of styles and colours, and our range of Aluminium Pet Tags have some great designs.

Aluminium Pet Tags will stand up to hard wear and tear and the extremes of the weather. So if your Dog or Cat ends up getting into mischief, you can be sure that their Pet Tag won’t be damaged.

Pet Tags are essential for your pet as it means they can easily be returned to their owner. A Pet Tag should contain your pets name, address and telephone number should they end up getting lost. This ensures that a stranger or the police can easily return your pet safely.

We stock a wide range of Dog Tags and Cat Tags, in various materials, designs and colours. We also offer FREE ENGRAVING on our engraved Pet Tags range.

All of our Pet Tags are delivered to locations throughout the UK, by Royal Mail 1st Class Post, Monday to Friday.

Where do we operate from?

Our business is based in Norfolk and has been operating successfully from Norfolk for a number of years. We have a huge knowledge and are fully experienced at making Engraved Pet Tags for Dogs and Cats, plus supplying other Pet Tags types.

We have a large amount of Customer Testimonials from happy customers across the United Kingdom. And we aim to keep it that way by continuing to provide quality Pet Tags for our customers from Norfolk.