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Pet Tags for Identifying your dog

Dog ID in the UK - what the law says

In the UK, the law states that dogs must wear a collar when in a public place. They must also have dog name tags displaying a name and address for the owner, or have that information inscribed on the animal’s collar. 

If your dog is taking part in any Kennel Club training or awards programmes, you’ll particularly need to have the address in full, otherwise a house number and postcode should be sufficient. 

A phone number for the owner is not required by law but will help an animal’s speedy return home. The Kennel Club doesn’t recommend including the name of the animal on the tag. 

The law on dog ID is set out in the 1992 Control of Dogs Order. Non-compliance can result in a hefty fine for dog owners, of up to £2000. And while there are some exceptions, notably working dogs, these are very few. 

Microchipping, a legal requirement for puppies from the age of eight weeks is another canine identification rule, and has been the law since April 2016 – but it is not enough on its own. Pet ID tags are also needed. 

The rules for cats are different, but there is talk of making microchipping compulsory for moggies, and in any event pet tags for felines are still a good idea – so many lost animals are never reunited with their owners. 

What we offer 

We offer high-quality, Deep Engraved durable pet ID name tags for cats and dogs with wording deeply engraved using the latest rotary engraving technology, so that is long-lasting and remains highly visible throughout the animal’s lifetime. 

They also affix comfortably but securely around your pet’s neck, so that there’s no danger of them coming off and getting lost. 

Just let us know the wording for your dog ID tags – but we suggest you keep things simple and don’t add fancy symbols, extra spacing or unnecessary punctuation. The text obviously needs to be clear and quick and easy to read, whereas adding extra information means font size has to be reduced. 

Our engraved pet tags are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, all made from the best quality materials. 

Our solid brass models will last for years and just need an occasional polish to be sure they remain looking their shiny best. 

Meanwhile, aluminium is a great choice as a durable yet lightweight material. 

We offer a quick turnaround time and prompt delivery, Equally, the ordering process online is straightforward and hassle-free. Order your pet tags online with us today.